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Books and Briefings
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Books and Briefings

This page is home to a growing collection of books and articles written by Dr. Thornburg related, in some way, to the topic of STEM education.  Dr. Thornburg's eagerly awaited STEM book can be ordered from him directly.

The following briefings are freely available as pdf files.

pdf   Apple and Google as an Example of an Evolutionary Red Queen Effect in the Technology World
pdf  Mobile Learning and the Distruption of Education
pdf Technology in Education: Renaissance or Middle Ages?
pdf  Education's Problems Solved at Last!
pdf  Science Fiction and Reality: From Star Trek to the iPad
pdf Culture, Education and Theaters Without Audiences
pdf  Why "Why" Is More Important Than "What" in Education
  Theaters without Audiences: The Changing Face of Educational Narratives
Learning on the Holodeck: Transforming Classrooms for All Learners
From Cyberspace to Augmented Reality: Education's Ongoing Journey on the Internet (with Shawn Mahoney)
Why 2009 Was a Transformational Year for Education
Hands and Minds: Why Engineering Is the Glue Holding STEM Together
Playing With the Future: Envisioning Education for the 22nd Century
The Network Is the Computer
What K-12 Education Can Learn From Research Parks
Five Challenges for Science Education
epub  Two Presidents, Two Parties, Two Times, One Challenge
  Have We Hit A “Sputnik”Moment Again?
epub  Why STEM Topics are Interrelated
Inquiry Topics About Space Exploration
epub  The Right Stuff: How to Find Good Information
Sharing Your Stories: How to Create Dynamic Presentations

STEM book coverIt's here!

STEM Education: From Sputnik to the 22nd Century explores the challenges and opportunities for transforming education in this important area in schools at all levels. 

We live in a world where we are challenged daily in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our task on international levels rivals that facing the US after the launch of Sputnik over 50 years ago. This book explores the current problems we face, and then examines proven strategies that can be applied in the K-12 classroom to not only provide needed knowledge and skills, but also to engage students in the joy of working in these fields.

This book provides insight into the reasons that inquiry-driven project-based learning is an especially powerful methodology for STEM education and provides rich resources for teachers, administrators, school boards, parents, community members and any other stakeholders who have a vested interest in insuring that today's young people are prepared for a life in a world we can scarcely imagine.

(pbk, 175 pages, copyright 2010)

Ordering information:
Send a check or money order for $25 USD (domestic postage is included) to:

Thornburg Center
711 Beacon Dr.
Lake Barrington, IL 60010

For quantity prices, e-mail