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Books and Briefings
School Leaders 

Student Resources

Year One of the Space Exploration program may use the following free and/or open source software.  You can download current versions for any computer you have at home at no cost.  (This software should already be installed on your computers at school):
  • Concept mapping tool: Cmap (Windows, Mac, Linux) 
  • Office Suite: (Windows, Mac, Linux) 
  • Image editor: GIMP (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Web-based slide show creator: JAlbum (Windows, Mac, Linux) 
  • Image analyser: ImageJ (Windows, Mac, Linux) 
  • Earth map: GoogleEarth (Windows, Mac, Linux) 
  • Orbit and other simulators: PhET (Windows, Mac, Linux) 
  • Mathematical modeling and plotting software: MathTrax (Windows, Mac, Linux) 
We have also created a short instruction manual for these programs that can be downloaded as a pdf file here:
The Space Exploration program makes use of concept maps and presentations you will create and share with various audiences.  The following links take you to short courses on concept mapping, presentation skills, and finding reliable information from various sources.

The following list of online resources may prove valuable for Year One of the Space Exploration program (From the Earth to the Moon):