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School Leaders 

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Since our projects in the STEM area have started, the challenges facing the United States have grown even larger.  In our time of economic challenge, it is more important than ever that we transform educational practice to encourage more students to develop skills in the domains of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  This has been highlighted in the creation of the Next Generation Science Standards which have received active interest from over forty states..

Our schools are striving to address the needs of our students so they can acquire the skills and habits of mind needed to thrive in this century.  We have developed several programs that can take you a long way toward that goal through an elective or after-school program devoted to developing STEM skills and interest in students from grades 6-12.  You are encouraged to contact us to see how we can assist you in this challenging goal.  To learn more, please read our background document (click here).

One document we have written provides a clear view of the challenge we face:

Have We Hit a "Sputnik" Moment Again?

The following resources are key documents that set forth the societal needs we address:
The Thornburg Center for Space Exploration will assist you in grant writing for all aspects of your program with us.  Contact us for details.